Traveling Gavel Claimed!

2015-01-11 07.45.48

The Traveling gavel was claimed last night at Ft. Thomas Lodge during their installation. Anyone interested in claiming it for their lodge needs to come to our stated meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of January! Our meeting is at 7:30pm followed by dinner.

Installation of Officers

Tonight we had our installation of officers. Please see the officers tab for a list of all of the new officers for 2015. Special thanks go out to our installing officers Billy Scoff, Bill Lorenz, Herman Dean, and Bobby Crittenden.

Looks like 2015 is going to be a great year brothers!


Here is a picture of outgoing master Manuel Arrowood.

Manuel Arrowood


Robert Burns held its 2015 elections at the December stated meeting. Below are the results:

Worshipful Master – Gary Long, PM
Senior Warden – Randy Campbell, PM
Junior Warden – Jim Fletcher
Treasurer – Stan Simonton, PM
Secretary – Bert Turner, PM
Senior Deacon – John Gellenborg
Junior Deacon – Ted Taylor
Senior Steward – Steven Hickey
Junior Steward – Tim Ward
Tyler – George Baker, PM

Congratulations Brothers! and good luck Gary on your year as master!

Third Wednesday @ 7:30pm Fellowship Meal @ 6:30pm 523 Park Ave, Newport, KY