Officers 2018

Gary L. Long, Past Master Worshipful Master 859-371-7076
James Wells, Past Master Senior Warden 859-643-0079
Jim Fletcher, Past Master Junior Warden 859-380-8274
John K. Gellenborg, Past Master Treasurer 513-939-7821
Berford L. Turner, Past Master Secretary 859-781-3678
Anthony W. Arrowood, Past Master Senior Deacon
Troy Cole Junior Deacon 812-584-0509
Jesse Turner Senior Steward 859-308-2658
Harold Strong, Past Master Junior Steward 859-466-5826
George Baker, Past Master Tiler 859-908-0246
Paul McIntosh Chaplain 859-468-6883

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Third Wednesday @ 7:30pm Fellowship Meal @ 6:30pm 523 Park Ave, Newport, KY

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